Teams Build More Active Communities of Tomorrow

The Social Motion Project believes that it’s easy to be active when it is social and as simple as motion. That’s why we take a team approach to getting people moving.

A Team in the School Motion Project is typically a community, school or other organization.  Teams provide a reason for people to be active, by allowing the public to participate in decision-making, or securing funding for specific projects. 


Within a community – whether it is an entire country, a major city, a small neighbourhood or even a group of like-minded individuals – Teams happen in two ways. First, authorities can agree to prioritize initiatives that people vote for with their exercise. Second, public and private interests agree to provide prizes for community members being more active. 


When students, staff and parents agree that they want their school to develop a culture of being active, the administration, often working with the parent-teacher association, can agree to fund a certain amount of group prizes for exercise. Not that everyone needs to be on a sports team, but simply that kids are spending more time moving and less time on their phones. 


Motion can be used at the core of a workplace wellness campaign. Management agrees to fund certain projects, typically proposed by staff, which is paid out when the staff achieve a certain level of exercise. 

How to Start a Team

You can start a new team in your community, school or workplace, and we can help you get set up.

If you are interested in learning about creating a team, email us at and we’ll get you started.