Build a broad and diverse coalition of support for active transportation and recreation projects. Create more active and healthier communities in the process.

Motion app: First-of-its-Kind Public Engagement

The Motion app allows individuals in participating communities to vote for how some active transportation and recreation resources should be spent. 

Voting is not done by people simply clicking a button. Votes are earned based on how much exercise that person has done compared to their unique daily target. In the Motion app, individuals earn Daily Units of Exercise (DUEs) based on their physical activity, which is what they use to indicate their preferred initiatives.

Decision makers understand that exercise has value, both to the individual but also to society in terms of lower health care costs, lower absenteeism and lost productivity. The Motion app allows elected officials and public servants to rewards people’s exercise with something meaningful — direct participation in the decision making process around how funds should be spent.

Set Priorities Based on Continuous Community Engagement

Individuals can vote for the longer-term priorities that they would like to see built in the future, providing decision-making with insights into what the community values.

Let the Community Speed Up Funding for Projects

Authorities can also take a share of their current budgets and allow people to vote for tangible projects, moving forward preferred initiatives that have yet to be greenlit.  This does not require a new source of funds; it can simply involve allocation a share of existing budgeted resources.