Who is behind the Project?

The Social Motion Project is led by ordinary Canadians who believe in the power of exercise and in a Canada of tomorrow that is fitter and more active.  This is not an initiative of government or big business.

The underlying technology used in the Motion app (see below) is developed by Social Motion Inc., an entity that believes the best way to achieve impact is with a self-sustaining business model.  

Who is paying for the initiative?

Funding for projects is provided by the Teams themselves, along with the generosity of our supporters; i.e., ordinary Canadians who believe that a more active Canada is possible, but that we need new approaches to achieve these results.

Are you making money off my personal data?

Absolutely not. Our primary goal is to make Canada a fitter and more active country. We value and respect for privacy and never sell or share your data. We do not track your Location Data (although Android uses your Location Data to determine steps but without sharing that information with Social Motion.)

Motion App

Who can use the Motion app?

Anyone can use the Motion app to see their step account and be a part of the Social Motion Project.

Teams can additionally use the app to inspire active living within their community.  To learn more about creating a new team, see here.

Does the Motion app work on both iOS and Android?

Yes, the app is available in both app stores and works on iPhones and Android phones.

Do I need a smartphone? 

No! If you have a FitBit to track your exercise, you can log in directly to our web portal to set up a Social Motion account and link your FitBit device.

How does the app measure my exercise each day?

Your smartphone is already tracking the number of steps you take each day, and recording it to Health on iPhones or Google Fit on Android devices. The Motion app is simply reading the step count data that is already recorded on your phone.

Android devices use the accelerometer along with Location Services to count your steps.  Google holds on to that Location data and does not share it with Social Motion. iOS does not use your location to count steps.

Can I use my FitBit to track my steps?

Yes, FitBit has been directly integrated into the iOS and Android apps. Use “Change Tracker” to select between using your phone or using your FitBit.

Can I use my sportswatch (Garmin, Polar, etc) to track my exercise?

Yes, we just need to get the data recorded by your watch into Apple Health or Google Fit.  This is usually as simple as allowing your Health or Fit app to read data from your watch app, by granting the appropriate permissions within Health or Fit.

In certain cases, such as using a Garmin Watch with an Android phone, you will need to download and install a third part sync app, such as FitnessSyncer, to move the data into Google Fit if you wish to use your watch to count steps in the Motion app.


Are you tracking me and my location?

Absolutely not. We do not track your location when accessing your step count; rather, we simply read the step count data that is already sitting on your phone.

Having said that, the Google Fit service uses Location Services as part of their approach to counting steps.  Google does not pass this Location data on to Social Motion or other developers. To understand why and how Google uses Location data, see here.

Can I use minutes of exercise instead of steps to measure my daily activity?

Yes, but … not if you only have an iPhone. iPhones count steps but do not measure active minutes. If you have a FitBit, Apple Watch or other wearable that syncs to Apple HealthKit, then you can use steps or active minutes.

Android phones provide both steps and active minutes.