for more active communities of tomorrow

The Social Motion Project is an online platform for tracking exercise, which communities and teams can use for participatory decision-making around spending on recreational infrastructure and services.

Work as Teams to turn exercise into new recreational projects — in your community, school or workplace

Work together as Teams to be more active. A Team might be a school, workplace or community that has an interest making its people more active and is willing to provide social impact prizes for exercise. A business, for example, can run a corporate wellness campaign, in which employees work together to earn sufficient exercise credits to buy prizes. Prizes, which are suggested by employees themselves, could include weekly yoga classes onsite, building renovations to make more room for being active, or Friday afternoon bike rides with the CEO.

Learn more about how you can create a new Team in your community, school or workplace.

Vote with your feet to tell decision makers how best to invest in more active communities of tomorrow

Identify how governments could best spend more on sports and recreation, to help all Canadians lead active lives. Your steps let governments know how new resources should be spent. If enough Canadians step forward to be counted, we can make active living a priority for public spending.


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